Kappa Sigma Mu society

Kappa Sigma Mu society

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Kappa Sigma Mu Society


Greetings, friends of Kappa Sigma Mu, a digital society that stands on top of the Kusama network, a bastion of blockchain technology. This society is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of this cutting-edge technology, and to do so, it has created a human blockchain where members are all connected in a synergistic network of incentives and rewards provided by the Kusama treasury.

How to Join

Submit bid to join ksm society To become a member of Kappa Sigma Mu, you must first create a Kusama account. This will be the foundation of your membership. Next, you must place a bid, expressing the amount of KSM you desire in exchange for your Proof of Ink (PoI). If your bid is accepted, you will become a candidate, and you will have one week to obtain a tattoo that contains either your Kusama address or the index of the current head of the society. With your new tattoo in hand, you must submit your PoI to the society matrix channel for all to see. The current skeptics will then cast their votes on your bid. The round is decided by a random selection from all the skeptics and voters, and if the random voter chooses your bid, you will become a member of Kappa Sigma Mu. As a reward for your efforts, you will receive the KSM value you bid for.

How to encode latest head’s Kusama address in a tattoo

Latest head of the society You can find the latest head in society tab in polkadot.js.org and from pencil icon you find tatttoo correct suggestions. Tattoo design examples

It is even possible to generate QR code to be tattood on your body. We did research on this and turned out it takes 29x29 pixels to include kusama:index of the current head in the QR code and 41x41 if kusama:SS58 is used. Generator used for this is available in our github repository.


Slider Value: 50%

Our core contributor created customized tattoo based on Gavin’s code that is used for examples available in polkadot.js.org. We are currently working more complete generator that epxlains you how SS58 address is encoded in the tattoo and lets you generate your own custom tattoo using the latest head of society. Same tool can be used to attestation of the tattoos too.

Short explanation is that SS58 address is first converted to hexadecimal format and then hexadecimal is converted into 256 bit binary format. Those 256 1 and 0’s are then drawn one way or another programmaticly into the canvas and then inked to the skin.

How to Maintain Membership

To maintain your membership, you must fulfill your tasks for the society, which currently include voting as a skeptic for new candidates and defenders. Defenders are randomly chosen members of the society who are asked to defend their membership by submitting a Proof of Ink (PoI) to the society matrix channel.

How to Stay Notified of Your Rotation

So far, the only way to stay informed has been to follow on-chain events or check the matrix channel for new messages. However, Web3alert.io has introduced a new solution. You can now subscribe to society events and receive notifications when you are chosen to rotate as a candidate, defender, or skeptic.

Setting Up Alerts

Web3alert.io is a service that allows you to subscribe to events on the blockchain and receive notifications when they occur. To set up alerts:

  1. Create an account with the messaging Telegram bot @web3alertbot by writing /start.
  2. Open the Web3alert.io website.
  3. Click the “Add Subscription” button.
  4. Select “Simple Alert.”
  5. Find the society and add both events about becoming a candidate and skeptic.
  6. Fill in the Kusama address you used to join the society.
  7. Select the notification methods from Telegram, Discord, or Slack.
  8. You will now always receive a message when you are chosen as a defender or skeptic.